"The Shady Bear Sessions" Studio Recordings Are Here!

"...the combination of traditional blues with a contemporary sound that makes THP unique"



THP is currently on hiatus

Goorin Bros, December 10th (Saturday), 6p start, Two Sets

Hell Phone, October 22nd (Saturday), 11p

Goorin Bros, May 6th (Friday), 7p start, Two Sets

Silvana Residency:
February 2nd (Tuesday), 9p
February 9th (Tuesday), 10p
February 16th (Tuesday), 9p
February 23rd (Tuesday), 10p

Shrine, February 11th (Thursday), 10p

The Delancey, January 29th (Friday), 8p

The Bitter End, January 28th (Thursday), 10p

Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 1), January 15th (Friday), late night--1am


The Rock Shop, December 18th (Friday), 11p

Black Bear Bar, December 22nd (Tuesday), 10p

Eleanor Dubinsky House Concert, via YouTube, December 13th (Sunday), 3p-9p

The Delancey, November 20th (Friday), 7p

Shrine, November 23rd (Monday), 10p

Silvana, October 14th (Wednesday), 9p

Skillman Avenue Fall Festival, September 26th (Saturday), 4p-7p

The Bitter End, September 21st (Monday), 9p

The Bowery Electric
, September 6th (Sunday), 8p

Mercury Lounge, September 7th (Monday), 8p

The Rock Shop, September 9th (Wednesday), 8p, with the mighty Jane Lee Hooker!

Pianos, August 13th (Thursday), 8p, as part of the Brandi & the Alexanders residency!

Lovecraft, July 30th (Thursday), 8p-11p, Three Sets! Free!

The Delancey, June 30th (Tuesday), 9p

Silvana, July 2nd (Thursday), 9p

Paper Box, June 17th (Wednesday), 8:30p

Mercury Lounge, June 8th (Monday), 8:30p

Downstairs at Leftfield, May 29th (Friday), 9p

Trash Bar, May 19th (Tuesday), 8p

Silvana, April 16th (Thursday), 8p

Paper Box, April 8th (Wednesday), 9p

Shrine, March 3rd (Tuesday), 10p

Otto's Shrunken HeadFebruary 6th (Friday), 9p

Silvana, January 24th (Saturday), 9p

Pianos, February 1st (Sunday), 9p

The Delancey, January 20th (Tuesday), 10p

Coco66, January 15th (Thursday), 8p


The Delancey, November 11th (Tuesday), 10p

Pianos, December 7th (Sunday), 7p

Otto's Shrunken HeadJuly 29th, 9p, FREE

Make Music New York Festival
Urban Garden Center, June 21st, outdoors, show starts at 3p, FREE

Desmond's Tavern, 5/22, show starts at 11p, FREE

Fat Baby, 2/14, show starts at 10:00


Connolly's Klub 45, 12/21, show starts at 9p, $10 at the door

Leftfield, 11/23, show starts at 10p

Connolly's Klub 45, 8/17, show starts at 9p, $10 at the door

78 Below, 7/27, show starts at 8p--two full sets!  FREE!  (Yes, free!)

Leftfield, 7/6, show starts at 9p

Connolly's Klub 45, 5/25, show starts at 10p

Ella Lounge, 2/22, show starts at 9p

Fat Baby, 1/18, show starts at 9:30


Dixon Place (Hurricane Sandy Benefit), 12/16, show starts at 8p

Neir's Tavern (Hurricane Sandy Benefit), 12/14, show starts at 9p

Tea Lounge, 10/26, show starts at 10p

Green Fig Cafe (Acoustic Show), 9/9, show starts at 1p

Kim's Marina in Canyon Ferry, MT, 8/11, show starts at 5p (Montana Album Release Tour)

Montana Club Rathskellar in Helena, MT, 8/10, show starts at 9p (Montana Album Release Tour)

Alive @ 5 in Great Falls, MT, 8/9, show starts at 5p (Montana Album Release Tour)

The Rialto in Helena, MT, 8/8, show starts at 9:30p (Montana Album Release Tour)

On Broadway in Helena, MT (Acoustic Show), 8/8, show starts at 5p (Montana Album Release Tour)

Pioneer Bar in Virginia City, MT, 8/7, show starts at 8p (Montana Album Release Tour)

Choppers Grub & Pub in Big Sky, MT, 8/4, show starts at 9p (Montana Album Release Tour)

Big Sky Blues Festival in Noxon, MT, 8/4, show starts at 12p (Montana Album Release Tour)

Montana Club Rathskellar in Helena, MT, 8/3, show starts at 9p (Montana Album Release Tour)

5 Boro PicNYC, 5/27, show starts at 2:30p (Memorial Day Festival on Governor’s Island)

Freddy’s Backroom, 5/12, show starts at 11p

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden, 5/6, show starts at 2p

Neir’s Tavern, 4/14, show starts at 9p

"Neir's Music Spotlight" Radio Show on Gotham Radio, 4/7 (includes live, studio performances and interviews with the band)

Suzy Ques, 4/7, show starts at 9p

The Tea Lounge, 3/23, show starts at 9p

Freddy’s Backroom, 2/25, show starts at 11p

Kenny’s Castaways, 2/18, show starts at 10p

Recoup Lounge, 2/10, show starts at 10p

Bratva Bar, 2/4, show starts at 9p

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