"The Shady Bear Sessions" Studio Recordings Are Here!

Listen to and download the new EP, After the Storms, here.

"...the combination of traditional blues with a contemporary sound that makes THP unique"

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blues Power!

"Up in Smoke" was featured on the latest BluesPowR podcast!  We are honored to appear in the same playlist with so many awesome blues talents.

We start in at minute 52, but really, you're gonna want to listen to the whole thing.  Mike, at BluesPowR, has put together quite the show.  As he says, "blues is our business and business is good!"

Monday, December 15, 2014

Three Upcoming Shows

The last post was about two upcoming shows.  This one is about three upcoming shows.  Keep the streak alive!

We return to The Delancey and to Otto's Shrunken Head in the new year!  And we make a grand, first time appearance at a wonderful new-ish venue in Brooklyn by the name of Coco66.  Check out the Upcoming Shows tab above for the deets!

More soon.  Happy Holidays from your friendly neighborhood THP!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Two Upcoming Shows

The Delancey is quite a swank and lively joint, and we will be doing our best to make it livelier and swankier on November 11th.  We turn the gas on starting at 10p.

Pianos is one of the best music venues in the city, and we've been wanting to play there for ages.  So cross this one off the bucket list!  We hit the stage on Sunday, Dec. 7th, at 7p.  More details to follow.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Review From Blues And Roots

Marty, the proprietor of the estimable blues blog, Blues and Roots, had a few things to say about our work on "The Shady Bear Sessions":
"The Shady Bear Sessions" EP delivers all elements of the blues in 3 top quality tracks that will leave you craving for more. Raunchy and slick guitar, wailing harmonica, "dancing" keyboards and a tight rhythm that brings it all together. Add to that the smooth, sultry voice of vocalist Jasmin Lloyd, and you have a sound that is the combination of traditional blues with a contemporary sound that makes THP unique. My favorite track would have to be "Up In Smoke", but all three tracks are winners in my view."
Download all three songs from the "Sessions" for free here.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mini-Review From Bluesbunny

The music lovers at Bluesbunny run an excellent series of snapshot reviews, and THP was lucky enough to snag a slot when they took a listen to "Up in Smoke," one of the three tracks off our recent singles release, "The Shady Bear Sessions":
Up In Smoke by The Hurt Project
True to the past 
It may be old school but there is always something to savour in any faithful rendition of the blues style and The Hurt Project, with their song “Up In Smoke,” give us the heartfelt yet still poised vocals of Jasmin Lloyd. There may be twelve bars until dawn but she’ll stay with you all the way. Guaranteed.
Download all three songs from the "Sessions" for free, here.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Review From Mighty Burners

Mighty Burners, a blog which features reviews of an eclectic but excellent mix of new music, enjoyed the songs from "The Shady Bear Sessions" and is happy to tell you why:
"I know that it's a fantastic slice of modern electric blues as served by dedicated students of the craft. The set opens with an amazing original number entitled "Up In Smoke" that pits lead singer Jasmin Lloyd's beautifully clear and powerful vocals against a smoky backdrop filled with lamenting harmonica notes, dusty drums and fiery electric guitar riffs that almost steal the show. After blowing the listener away with such a soul-stirring performance, the band ramp things up with a raw-edged heater entitled "Hello Misery". Everything about this track is hitting, from Jasmin Lloyd's rousing vocals that grow larger and larger as the track progresses, to the band's impassioned playing when their leading lady takes a break from the spotlight (peep the interplay between guitarist Marlon Hurand drummer Paul Wohlmaker at the 2:16 mark). This is just good music, from start to finish, and I truly can't wait to hear more from this band. Check out The Hurt Project's The Shady Bear Sessions below to get your weekly soul and blues music fix. Dig the sounds."
Read the full review, here.  Download the three songs off our "Sessions" for free, here.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Check Out "The Shady Bear Sessions" Singles

We finally have our grubby little hands on the studio session recordings we laid down earlier this summer, and they do not disappoint!  Listen and download them for free here.

We'd like to give a loud shout-out from a mountaintop to Anthony Robustelli, the amazing engineer and proprietor at Shady Bear Recording Studio, not just for lending us his excellent ear, but also for making us feel so welcome.  Shady Bear is, quite simply, a wonderful environment for any artist looking to create top-notch work.

But don't take it from us!  A reviewer at Mighty Burners has already taken a listen and passed his own judgement, here!  And the proprietor of Bluesbunny is a fan of Jasmin's work on "Up in Smoke."

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Newsy-type News

Firstly, check out recordings of our show at the Urban Garden Center, as part of the Make Music NY festival, here.

Secondly, this Saturday we will be headed to the studio to track several of our original THP tunes!  We're very excited.  Some bright, shiny studio recordings will make nice counterparts to the work horse live recordings we're so fond of.  Standby!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

We Made Music In NY

Here's a teaser of Marlon checking his rig before the show.  More to come...


And a few pics, with more one the way...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's The Day Of The Show, Y'all!

Can you believe, in all the shows that we've played, that I've never thought to use that line before?  Probably a good thing.

But it is the day of the show!  Well, since this is the Make Music NY festival, it's actually the day of 1,500 shows, but you get the idea.  And we'd love to see you at ours.  We're playing a full electric set at the Urban Garden Center at 116th St. and Park Ave, starting at 3p.

In all likelihood, it will go better than this.  (Though hasn't every musician been there?)

More info here.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Review Our Review

A friend of the band took to her music site to share some very nice thoughts about what it's like to see THP live, this time at our recent show at Desmond's Tavern.  We're very happy that she had a good time and dug the tunes.  Making our listeners happy is what we're all about!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Video Of A Bad Sign

As a special treat, we have video of our version of the classic blues tune, "Born Under a Bad Sign," from our show at Desmond's Tavern on Thursday.  This was Jasmin's first show singing with us and it went oh, so well.  Much thanks to all those who came out and stuck around through the witching hour--magic did indeed happen.

See you at the next one, the Make Music NY Festival on June 21st, where we'll be performing outside at the Urban Garden Center on 116th and Park Ave starting at 3pm.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Desmond's Tavern

In anticipation of hopping back in the studio to record a new EP, The Hurt Project will be premiering three new songs in a show at Desmond's Tavern (Park Ave. and 30th St.)!

We're doing a late night set, starting at 11p on Thursday, May 22nd.  Something about the late night thing just feels...jazzier, doesn't it?  We think so.

No cover, and in a great neighborhood in Manhattan!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Festively Making Music in NY

We are pleased as punch to announce that we will be included as part of the city-wide Make Music New York Festival, which Metro New York calls “the largest music event ever to grace Gotham.”  Nothing says summer like cranking some amplifiers up a bit at an outside space on a nice day!

Our set happens at the lovely Urban Garden Center at 116th St. and Park Ave.  Swing by (and chances are you'll be able to hear us even if you're really just swinging by) at 3p on June 21st and catch some sunny blues!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another Big Announcement

The site has been so quiet lately that I have accidentally let one of our bigger band events slip by unremarked.  I will herein remedy!  To wit:

We would like to welcome Michael "The Bull" LoBue to the band!  While the bulk of his time with THP will be spent blowing fire through the harmonica, Bull has plenty else on offer: his talents run the gamut from vocalist, guitarist, drummer, and on and on.  Most importantly, he's a life-long blues lover who knows the music, its history and heart, inside and out.  Having his input during our songwriting sessions and his energy driving us onstage are both already bearing fruit.  (If we were forced to pick a fruit, it seems logical to visualize blueberries, right?)

2014 is looking pretty durned bright.

Submitted With A Small Comment

THP is working to put together another studio release to show the best of our wonderful new face to the world.  (Seriously, between bringing Jasmin on board and going gangbusters on the blues and soul originals now that we're a complete unit again, the face of the band is looking pretty great.)

For us, marketing what comes out of the studio session will be much less about sales than it will be reaching as wide an audience as possible.  However, at a certain level exposure is understandably entangled with money changing hands--and we begrudge no new artist trying to make a living off his art (it's the dream!)--so this certainly gave me pause:

It seems to me, in the wake of the big studios stumbling into post-internet oblivion, that the new industry model should be able to provide far better than this for the artists who are their businesses' lifeblood...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Welcome, Jasmin!

Things have been quiet here at THP central, but much fiddling and tweaking has been going on behind the scenes.  Songs have been written.  Plans have been hashed out.  But most importantly, we have found a singer to sing those songs and execute those plans.  We are pleased to welcome Jasmin Lloyd to the THP fold!

Jasmin is an incredibly soulful, inventive singer with a killer range.  Think that's an exaggeration?  Why, just head over to our Reverb Nation page (click here) and take a gander for yourself.  See?  Ain't that somethin'?

As you can tell, we're very excited.  And now that we have all the pieces in place, things are going to start ramping up.  Stay tuned!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Vids From The Gig

Video from our recent gig at Connolly's with Bull sitting in on harp and vocals is now live.  You can see them at our Reverb Nation page, here, or on YouTube.  Blues For Otis Rush is here; Green Onions is here; My Babe is here; and for fun, Bull's poetic introduction of the band members is here.

Thanks again to everyone who came--the energy from the house helped make it a truly great gig.  And as a sweetener going forward, we can say that fans of THP will be hearing more of Bull going forward.  Huzzah!