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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What New Blood Sounds Like

For a taste of what adding Katie and John to the lineup brings to THP, just head over to our Reverb Nation page and sample a few of the latest recordings.  Yowzahs!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


The Hurt Project has been in a bit of transition these past few weeks, hence the uncustomary radio silence.

The bad news first: Holly and Bill are no longer playing with THP.  Holly has decided to pursue more soul and funk, two of her strong suits (and, as a singer, she has many).  The band only ever dabbled in soul, so her decision makes perfect sense artistically, and her talents will be missed.

Bill's story is a little sadder for us; a personal event has necessitated his moving out of the city (and the state).  We wish him and his all the best, and hope that we'll get to jam with him again some time in the near future.

The good news is that we have fresh faces, and that those faces are ridiculously talented.  We have the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter John Brian Evans joining us on keys, rhythm guitar, and trumpet (!).  And taking up the mic is the exceptionally gifted vocalist Katie McCreary.

And to kick off this new line-up, THP has a prime slot at Connolly's Klub 45 in Times Square on Saturday, May 25th.  Considering that Connolly's has one of the best sound systems for live bands on the island of Manhattan, we think it will be quite the kick off indeed.  We fire things up at 10p.  Check out our Upcoming Shows page for more info.

Come out and say hi!