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"...the combination of traditional blues with a contemporary sound that makes THP unique"

Friday, November 20, 2015

We're In The Top Ten!

We've made the top ten on ReverbNation's NY Blues Charts.  The charts themselves are basically for fun, but the real honor is that we're up there with hard-ass-working blues bands like Jane Lee Hooker (love y'all!), The Tangiers Blues Band, and Dave Fields.  Company like that is pretty humbling.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Beth Hart

It seems we made a new fan at Mercury Lounge!

Ok, first off: we had a collective total music geek moment about this.  I mean, Beth Hart is phenomenal, one of the pillars holding up the modern blues scene.

After breathing for a sec', Marlon had a little etymological rumination.  'Hurt' and 'hart' both come from the same root in English, specifically from England, both meaning 'deer.'  ('Hart' is the purer form, where 'hurt' is the variation.)  So, this awesome, serendipitous connection may be simply a re-meeting of two branches of a very old family tree!  How cool would that be?  Probably almost as cool as Beth Hart herself.  Probably.

Once again, Twitter proves its worth.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Marlon Interviewed On Exposed Vocals

Marlon was recently interviewed by the awesome Randy Morano at Exposed Vocals, an excellent source of indie music industry, artist, um...actually, indie music everything.  A couple highlights:
Exposed Vocals: So tell us your story.  Where did you grow up?  What made you decide to become an artist? 
MH: My dad is a blues guitarist--he still gigs actually--so there was always blues or blues-rock playing in the house.  My mother says that I would kick along to George Thorogood in the womb, and that if they wanted to calm me down as a toddler they would put that record on and that I would stop and listen like I'd heard it before. 
Exposed Vocals: How do you find ways to promote your music?  What works best for you? 
MH: I'm not sure what actually draws people in to click on our track and take a listen versus skipping it in favor of something else.  I'm not even sure why I do it when I'm in fan mode.  But I have a sneaking suspicion no one else knows either.  So we're all flying blind here, but we're all flying blind together!
Read the rest here!