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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another Big Announcement

The site has been so quiet lately that I have accidentally let one of our bigger band events slip by unremarked.  I will herein remedy!  To wit:

We would like to welcome Michael "The Bull" LoBue to the band!  While the bulk of his time with THP will be spent blowing fire through the harmonica, Bull has plenty else on offer: his talents run the gamut from vocalist, guitarist, drummer, and on and on.  Most importantly, he's a life-long blues lover who knows the music, its history and heart, inside and out.  Having his input during our songwriting sessions and his energy driving us onstage are both already bearing fruit.  (If we were forced to pick a fruit, it seems logical to visualize blueberries, right?)

2014 is looking pretty durned bright.

Submitted With A Small Comment

THP is working to put together another studio release to show the best of our wonderful new face to the world.  (Seriously, between bringing Jasmin on board and going gangbusters on the blues and soul originals now that we're a complete unit again, the face of the band is looking pretty great.)

For us, marketing what comes out of the studio session will be much less about sales than it will be reaching as wide an audience as possible.  However, at a certain level exposure is understandably entangled with money changing hands--and we begrudge no new artist trying to make a living off his art (it's the dream!)--so this certainly gave me pause:

It seems to me, in the wake of the big studios stumbling into post-internet oblivion, that the new industry model should be able to provide far better than this for the artists who are their businesses' lifeblood...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Welcome, Jasmin!

Things have been quiet here at THP central, but much fiddling and tweaking has been going on behind the scenes.  Songs have been written.  Plans have been hashed out.  But most importantly, we have found a singer to sing those songs and execute those plans.  We are pleased to welcome Jasmin Lloyd to the THP fold!

Jasmin is an incredibly soulful, inventive singer with a killer range.  Think that's an exaggeration?  Why, just head over to our Reverb Nation page (click here) and take a gander for yourself.  See?  Ain't that somethin'?

As you can tell, we're very excited.  And now that we have all the pieces in place, things are going to start ramping up.  Stay tuned!