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Monday, July 29, 2013

Up With 78 Below

Huzzah!  We would like to thank 78 Below for being every bit as great a venue as we'd been told, and to thank those of you who came out for making it a killer show.  The house sound guy, Bobby, was excellent, and the equipment is top notch.  (Really, the house owns a Hammond organ.  It's like they knew we were coming.)  And the venue itself is set up perfectly to invite casual listeners to stop in and see what's happening.  The arrangement is so live music-friendly that it brings a wee tear to my eye to think on the beauty of it all.

For the blues lovers who didn't make it out, you can console yourself with some footage of the evening.  Cheers!

"Nowhere Fast" is an original instrumental by Donald and Marlon.

Can't go wrong with a classic Albert King tune--"Born Under a Bad Sign."

"Semele" is a THP original; music by Marlon, words and melody by Katie.

"No One Can Follow You Home" is an original with words and music by John.

And this is our suped up version of the long-time blues staple, "Sweet Home Chicago," by the one and only Robert Johnson.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Today's Humbling Moment

Wow, this man one-upped Pete Best by being kicked out of not one, but two of the world's biggest bands.

As a musician, I read this article with a kind of morbid curiosity.  What would it be like to crash down from such great heights not once, but twice?

As a human being, though, I think "right on, dude, find your bliss."

Still and all, that guy must have been a monster on the strings.

A Call To Arms (That End In Hands...For Clapping!)

We're excited to announce that we have a gig at a new place on the Upper West Side called 78 Below!

We're especially excited to announce that 78 Below joins that e'er too small number of venues who can be listed in the "pro-music" column of the ledger--they charge no cover at the door!  That's right, no needless scalping of live music lovers; you can waltz in, settle down, have a drink or three, and hear some solid blues, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood THP.

To see why we're giving 78 Below such a hearty round of applause, check out our previous musings on the often predatory relationship between venues and bands in NYC here.

So, we'd love to have as many blues lovers as can make it to this one come on out to show our full support for a venue that's doing things right.  The more we reward these kinds of rational business models the better the chances that other venues will come to their senses and mend their wicked ways.  (Ok, maybe not "wicked" exactly.  How 'bout "misguided"?  "Silly-pants" also works.)

The deets: we go on at 8p and play two full sets, ending at 9:45p, on Saturday, July 27th.  Also, it is free, free, free--which leaves more money for beer!  78 Below is located at 380 Columbus Ave and 78th St.  Oh, and the cherry on top is that the house drum kit Paul will be playing was owned by Chris Parker when he played for none other than Robert "Bob" Dylan.  How cool izzat?

And did I mention it's free?  FREE!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Play It Again, Connolly's!

We liked it so nice, we're playing it twice.  The last was sublime, so we're doing it one more time.  The first show put peeps on the edge of their seat, so we're gearing the band up for a repeat...um, performance.

Ahem, in other words, come see THP at Connolly's again on Saturday, August 17th, at 9pm.  $10 at the door.

We debuted two new originals at the last show, and to keep the streak alive we will be playing two new originals at this next one.  Now, doesn't that sweeten the pot?